Unfriendly people TODAY

25 June 2012: Time Magazine reports that US taxpayers fund social media attacks inside Syria.

Social media attacks prepare Syria for a US invasion, spearheaded by US-UK-trained terrorist groups and massive wealth taken from taxpayers to pay US Saudi Qatar UK Australian and French military investors.

The war investors' war on Syria forces millions of victims to seek refuge in Europe and the Middle East.

26 June 2016: Years late with the news, the NY Times belatedly reports that the Washington-Saudi 'Timber Sycamore' $1 billion arms and training operation - for killing pro-modernity Syrian nationalists and their families - also supplies fundamentalist medieval terrorists al-Nusra.

27 June 1980: Washington-backed terrorists bomb El Salvador's "The Independent" newspaper. Washington-backed juntas are closing all free press in most of Latin America.

28 June 2007: Australian Calabrian gangster Pasquale Barbaro imports 15 million ecstasy tablets to Melbourne. Connected to the NSW Griffith-Canberra Calabrian mafia, Barbaro is jailed for life.

29 June 1932: US General Motors adopts a business strategy of sabotaging (often electric) public transport and selling GM replacement gasoline vehicles to ruined local authorities.

30 June 2003: US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld pretends his Iraq invasion (with Tony Blair and John Howard) has not sparked a vast guerrilla war (that develops into the Islamic State global war today). Rumsfeld's ranking general contradicts him. The US March 2003 invasion has led to worldwide terrorism.

1 July 1940: US Embassy in Nazi occupied France relays French leaders' opinions that Britain will soon surrender to Hitler.

1 July 1970: CIA reports that from this date Nixon & Kissinger's officers slaughtered Cambodians in their homes and businesses at same genocidal rate as the next tyrant, Pol Pot. Pol Pot arises from Nixon & Kissinger's bombing of Cambodia and the US alliance with Beijing.

2 July 1912: Russian autocrat Tsar Nicholas's court banishes the anti-monarchist Georgian rebel Joseph Stalin. Young Stalin is banished to Siberia for three years.

3 July 1988: US Navy escort commander is appalled when his fleet commander boasts he will shoot down the civilian airliner TN4131 on its normal flight approach to Dubai. The USS Vincennes fleet commander fires missiles and kills 290 civilian passengers. US hides the World Court judgement.

4 July 1999: Pakistan and India on brink of nuclear war over Pakistan forces in Kashmir. US President Clinton convinces Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif to deescalate his nuclear attack.

5 July 2016: Some North Queensland aboriginal students are drilled in US curriculum (50 US states, Thanksgiving, American Revolution, 1776) and not taught about Australia, their own people, culture or language, official review finds.

6 July 2016: The Chilcot Report is released. Chilcot shows that George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard were warned by their security services that Iraq's Saddam Hussein was not a serious threat in 2003.

Security services warned Bush, Blair and Howard that the leaders' plot to invade Iraq and take its oil would ramp up global terror and push generations of Muslim youth to violence. Blair, Bush and Howard subverted their security services' advice and the world now suffers from their unfriendliness.

7 July 2017: Ahead of Hamburg's G20 military industrial world leader's summit today, 77 international organisations converge on Hamburg for two days of world conferences & world media events to promote healthy nature and friendly world relations.

8 July 2014: US-backed Israeli government troops launch their 'Protective Edge' massacre of inmates in the US-Israeli Gaza concentration camp. Israeli soldiers murder 550 trapped children and 1000 trapped adults in their Gaza homes. 18,000 homes bombed to rubble, another 80,000 homes ruined.

9 July 2017: Victoria Police enter a Melbourne costume ball. Police shoot two costumed party-goers, including one who has a costume gun. Between 1989 and 2011 the ever-increasingly militarised police shoot and kill over 43 mental patients on Australian streets.

10 July 1940: Surrendering to Hitler's Nazi occupation, France's parliament at Vichy votes for a new French conservative, anti-democratic military constitution that strips all human rights from its citizens. Few resist.

10 July 1985: France attacks New Zealand harbour, bombs the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior and murders a photographer. Australia, the US and UK stand with the assassins and ignore NZ, so NZ quits their military alliance and becomes a more independent country.