Question Time Under Fascism: Part 4

There is a rising subculture in Australia and elsewhere who scorn family and personal privacy, much like 1930s Hitler Youth fanatically embraced zero privacy.

Educators, too, ignore their duty of care and expose the younger generation to corporate data treadmills.

Under the yoke of another empire, everyday Australians' foolish attack our own democracy and businesses when we show-trial and torture the world's witness-protecting publisher, Julian Assange.

As uncaring torturers of Assange, it goes unnoticed that uncaring Australians actualy govern themselves under fascism's very insignia, displayed on the five dollar note.

An internet genius, Julian Paul Assange was voted Time readers' Person of the Year 2010 - well ahead of f Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who ran tenth. Rather than restructure fake news, militarise business, and prey on everyone's personal identities and relationships for billions in revenue, Assange uses the internet to protect witnesses, peaceful businesses, victims of violence and soldiers of conscience.

Assange publishes, to our fledgeling world democracy, insiders' evidence of international corruption and historic human rights abuse - how fitting yet tragic in this Human Rights month. Jullian Assange is the world's biggest publisher of rising fascism's own internal records of how dishonourable authorities do down democracy.

At Charlie's party in Part 1, my conversation with recent university graduate Jess touched on the subject of Julian Assange. Jess informed me that Jess's university professors warned undergraduates that if students read Wikileaks, students would be tracked by Canberra's spy agencies. The professors would look into the student's grades and the profession would ensure inquisitive students never obtained well-paid careers. Jess was terrorised into submission, as are many ambitious Australians today. What an appalling indictment of Australian research and a shameful culture of cowardly ignorance!

Beginning with Julia Gillard in 2010, a whole litany of Canberra and foreign politicians, officials, media and lobbyists have forced Australia's internet genius into a lifetime of torture and threatened extrajudicial murder - because this Australian has published and protected people who question the current world's greatest crimes.

The champion of world parliament, HV Evatt, was also ruined by myopic Australians who preferred more wars. Now Assange, Australia's world wide web innovator, is being tortured by Australia's new generation of pro-war investors.

Solitary confinement in London or anywhere chemically damages the brain's hippocampus leading to psychosis and schizophrenia. Canberra tethers Assange as a goat: That is, anyone who discusses him online is tracked on actionable databases.

Not only are Australian graduates today terrorised from questioning state crimes, Australian media fuel our constant overseas violence by serving warmongers and actively ruining peacemakers. In 2001, a US-allied Swedish group rendered, tortured and sodomised refugees. In 2010 the group succeeded in destroying the fledgling democratic internet by propagating a global media 'rape allegation' campaign against Julian Assange. Rather than investigate and shame the torturers, the corporate-strangled mainstream media promoted the US-Swedish campaign and ruined the second Australian and his charity that greatly advanced world democracy.

Compare many foolish Australians' loathing of Assange with Julian's defenders, such as Women Against Rape. Women Against Rape say the (eight year) global campaign against Julian is 'a smokescreen' to hide warmongering governments' destruction of Wikileaks, to prevent Wikileaks exposing massive state and corporate crimes:

'The authorities care so little about violence against women that they manipulate rape allegations at will.'

ABC praised the 2011 invader of Libya, Hillary Clinton, whose ongoing butchery has so far slaughtered more people than Nazis killed Australians in WW2. Instead of asking Clinton about her invasion and her horrific displacement of Africans to Europe, ABC encouraged Clinton to defame Australian peacemaker Assange on national TV, and denied the trapped Australian hero a right of reply.

There was a time when Australians loathed despotism and Vichy journalism. Most preferred to critique the British drivers of Australian political culture:

In the 800s, King Alfred rescued English as Australia's main language of thought and writing in the watery retreats of Somerset. He emerged from the wetlands, defeated invaders and rebuilt London on the banks of the River Thames. Here parliament later prospered. A thousand years later, the fact that our parliament had always stood on water was central to the design of Canberra. Old Parliament House was built near the shore of Canberra's lake, with the intention of extending the new Houses of Parliament to the lakeside.

The backdrop to Parliament House was Capital Hill's native forest and community picnic areas that framed gentle views over our capital and parliament. But 1958's LNP and Labor politicians warned us that a growing clique of members wanted to steal Capitol Hill's amenity from the people and shift our lakeside parliament and its traditions to a hill bunker. Greedy corporations with a 'military hill assault' mentality lobbied to evict Australia's community recreation from Capital Hill. MP Jim Fraser retorted:

'there was something degrading about people having to crawl up a hill to see a politician.'

In 1980, the Government arrested environmental democracy protesters on Capital Hill's once-public parkland. Government rewarded the design of an ex-Fascist Italy soldier and architect. (Fascist Rome battled Australia's AIF in North Africa). Corporate developers bulldozed Capital Hill's trees, wildlife, picnic grounds and lookouts. The design's 156,000,000 budget was rorted: taxpayers were eventually fleeced 1.07 billion.

Now a billion-dollar fascist symbol dominates Australia's googlers, which is tragically appropriate, given our ongoing chemical torture of our greatest democratic publisher. If anyone clicks on our parliament's website, each supposedly free and private inquiry about our politics triggers Google.

The word 'fascism' comes from its symbol, the fasces, or 'bundle of rods'. A fasces binds rods around an axe blade handle or a flag pole. Blade and flag have been synonyms since the 1300s. A rod-ringed fascist 'blade' or 'flag' denotes a fascist dictator's absolute state power.

The attached rods or fasces that ring Canberra's flag are a tyrant's unquestioning, rigid followers: the leader's upright, incurious adherents, petrified by our world's fledgeling, fading democracy.

New Parliament House displays four fascist rods, which also appear on the five dollar note. The world's largest steel fasces rises above Parliament, scorning Australians:

Shut up young Jess, says Canberra's steel fasces, don't question we military-industrial warmongers - or we'll corner you in solitary torture, globally show-trial you - and track and terrorise every young, smart and future Australian inquirer.

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