Question Time Under Fascism: Part 3

Hitler's pledge of zero lifetime privacy for everyone is somewhat evident in Australia and around the world.

This loss of freedom is also driven by 'educators' who groom students for corporate Google stalking and Facebook profiling.

In a democracy, it should be private voters who profile their open government, not the other way around. Consumers should make inquiries of their suppliers.

Yet we worry quietly as the brutal followers of closed governments attack investigative journalists such as Khashoggi in Turkey and Assange in London.

Our 'easily swallowed tablet' or 'tabloid' media attack human rights and promote our war diseconomy.

The 17 October 2014 Daily Telegraph promotes the US Ambassador speaking at Canberra's US eagle monument:

In the 'darkest days' the US and Australia have always 'stood together', he said. 'And we always will' (sic).

This is false.

For two agonising years (1940, 1941), Australian Imperial soldiers trained and fought fascism around the Mediterranean while American ambassadors touted US investments (Ford, General Motors, General Electric, IBM) in Nazi Europe. The US did not stand with Australia.

News Corp's propagation of false American narratives stupefies Australians, especially students who are instructed to google such tripe for cut-and-paste busy-work 'history assignments'.

In reality, while investing in Hitler's arms buildup, America presecuted its trade war on Japan in 1941. Japan retaliated and attacked America's Filipino and Hawaiian colonies (Pearl Harbor). The Philippines General MacArthur retreated to Australia and America belatedly joined Australia's war.

The real history behind Canberra's eagle monument is fascinating.

In 1776, British colonists on North America's east coast declared a war of Independence against their London parliament. London had entreated most of North America to its Indian owners, but colonial settlers conspired to take the whole continent. Having revolted against London, the colonists invaded west and south across North America.

One newly declared independent American talks of his colonies' bald eagle symbol and compares it with Australia's British Empire symbol, the lion. The lion emblazens UK, England, NSW and Tasmanian insignia today. The new American boasted in 1795:

'The Eagle of Liberty, spreading its victorious wings, perched in triumph, on the broken sceptre of the grumbling Lion!'

Canberra's American eagle monument, a symbol of military empire, sinks its talons into a huge sceptre.

The sceptre is Australia's British Empire of the 1940s and 1950s, yoked in the talons of Eisenhower's Pentagon-Wall Street complex. Washington forced British and Australian investors (who were fighting Nazis) to heavily discount and fire-sell their American businesses to Wall Street, in return for American war materiel.

News Corp's Rupert Murdoch (his father Keith built the monument) does not mention this history, yet propagates his ambassador's spiel. Foolish Australians swallow it. Foolish teachers google and 'teach' it.

Canberra eagle's co-erector, spy chief Richard Casey spent WW2 securing us from Axis invasion. He governed Bengal in the wake of Churchill's resource theft and murder of 3,000,000 British Indian farmers. When Casey returned home in 1946, he conspired to throw Australia's social democrats from power, especially the first Australian to have greatly advanced world democracy - HV Evatt.

The 70-year anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration was 10 December 2018.

Evatt's international liberals reformed the US-UK-USSR anti-Axis wartime United Nations alliance into our peacetime United Nations - with its fledgeling democratic world parliament, the General Assembly.

As President of the UN, Evatt presided over the world's 1948 Declaration of Human Rights - Australians and others' global laws against Nazis. But Evatt's great advances in world democracy were done down and shamed by Casey.

Casey's officers leaked a doctored American treaty to an Australian publisher, then Casey announced in Parliament that 'a nest of traitors' (implicated with Evatt, not Casey) were sabotaging Australia's 'national' security with America. With the aid of mainstream media, Casey steered Australia away from helping develop our world's fledgeling democracy towards compliance with the American elite's national security plans for world empire.

The struggle between empire and democracy continues today. Australia's imperial compliance explains why the LNP-Labor triparty choses to further assault Australian privacy. The triparty wants American-controlled bugging wares to be built into Australian inventions, so destroying sovereign business, products and reputation of Australia's digital innovators.

What Canberra did to Assange it moves to do to other Australian innovators.

Casey and Murdoch's Canberra eagle is a generic symbol for imperial invasion - eagles were carried by Nazi regiments, worn on Nazi uniforms and published all over fascist Europe in the 1940s. They herald the destruction of Human Rights. If Murdoch and Casey wanted to memorialise liberating Americans, Canberra would have erected the Statue of Liberty.

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