Question Time Under Fascism: Part 1

Two Australians have greatly advanced world democracy - Herbert Vere Evatt and Julian Paul Assange.

Most Australians know little about Evatt and Assange, even though both stand above most Australians as world contributors to peace and progress.

Evatt's 1940s, 1950s generation fought for a world parliament and human rights law that protected Australia from predatory corporations and world war, yet our world parliament and human rights law are systematically ruined to our peril.

Assange's generation develops a truthful Wikileaks internet that documents massive historic crimes, protects witnesses and seeks justice for millions of victims.

The reason Australians know little of Assange - even to point of stupidity in December 2018 - is that media such as Nine's Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC publish stories by Assange's enemies:

'Ecuador says UK has given enough guarantees for Assange to leave embassy' and 'Julian Assange faces increased pressure to leave Ecuador embassy' (sic).

Australians who no longer trust these media are forced to read overseas sites in the UK, US and Russia to discover that Assange's Washington lawyer Barry Pollack rejected Ecuador's deal. Nine and ABC had access to Pollack's rejection yet hid Assange's Australian voice from their readers.

Evatt and Assange's Australian generations work for peaceful honest inquiry in our schools and media, yet students and audiences are constantly undone by addicts of war and propaganda.

Audiences choose to either read and believe propaganda - 'George Bush: He did tremendous good' in Nine's Sydney Morning Herald.

Or they can read key evidence - 'George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism, and Obstruction of Justice' in America's The Intercept. Bush family wealth came from German Nazi investments.

At the moment, some Australians prefer evidence. And the evidence suggests many people are against privacy and freedom and for fascism that will ruin us all.

For example, a business partner 'Mel' (name withheld) invited me to her cousin Charlie's birthday party. Charlie's turned out to be a big clan occasion: food, wine and chatty people everywhere. Towards the end of the evening, Australia's Hitler Youth emerged.

My host Charlie ate and drank excessively, passed out on a sofa and snoozed - with mouth gaping like a fish. Most of the younger generation at this family affair would rather be somewhere else, judging by their devotion to their phone screens.

Charlie's eldest, Jess, amused hundreds of unseen social media followers by publishing a grotesque photo of sleeping, fish-mouthed Charlie online. Within seconds, Jess's phone chirped and chimed as followers around the world, mostly strangers, responded. The event woke Charlie, who discovered that crowds of strangers were mocking the photo. Charlie went apoplectic.

Observing another family's domestic dispute, I was shocked at the cavalier way Jess had no sense of family privacy and simply exposed Charlie to world ridicule. When Charlie protested, Jess shrugged it off defensively - despising the stupid older generation for taking offence:

'Get over it. There's no privacy these days!'

When I heard Jess defend their casual betrayal of family privacy, all I could think was: this Australian kid talks straight out of the 'Hitler Youth' playbook. Imagine my surprise when Charlie shouted:

'You're like Hitler Youth!'

I had been thinking the same thing as this hospitable stranger. Charlie and I grew up generations after Hitler but - unlike most Australians - we studied high-quality history. A little perturbed, Jess defiantly laughed off Charlie's anger and withdrew from the room.

I'd talked with Jess earlier that evening. Jess was a friendly, smart, ambitious young executive for one of Australia's largest corporations. And yet, seen through the lens of history, Jess (and Jess's followers) were reincarnating Orwellian Nazism in Australia and around the world, as most European youngsters were forced to do. When 1930s Europeans raised the Nazi flag, Hitler Youth chanted:

'We must bring up a new type of human being, men and girls who are disciplined and healthy [with] an education that begins already in youth and will never come to an end. Nobody will be able to say that he has a time in which he is left entirely alone to himself! Hail Hitler!'

The Nazi goal of lifetime zero privacy is rapidly expanding as Australians submit to data and social media miners who would have us hate heroes such as Evatt and Assange whose disappearing legacy is open government and individual privacy.

As for Hitler Youth demanding education 'never coming to an end', fascists then and now don't mean liberals' 'lifelong learning'. They mean: lifelong Orwellian information control with charlatan history teaching. These days, the internet's massive information control encourages second-rate Australian teaching across all disciplines.

The majority of educators' unwitting 'Google' brainwashing of students from six to sixty is appalling yet unremarked. Not just teachers - every easily-lead Australian learns to say, 'I'll Google you' when they mean, 'I'll search for you'. But Google isn't an innocent search engine. It is spyware on children's computers and phones, somewhat developed with US war money.

The spyware profiles and integrates each user into predatory businesses and horrific US war-fighting attacks on family homes and business in countries around the globe. Australian teachers who have a duty of care for their students don't use Google to search. Teachers who care to protect the privacy of their students use a simple, peaceful search engine like DuckDuckGo which performs all internet searches without stalking children, families and businesses.

If a teacher instructs students to enter a term like 'gay marriage' into DuckDuckGo, students return a list of websites that use this term. Students use the information and move on. DuckDuckGo's results list is more professional than Google's because DuckDuckGo doesn't second-guess and coddle researchers with results Google wants you to see.

If a teacher instructs students to enter the term 'gay marriage' into Google, students are taken to websites that Google has selected to the user's profile - the student's personal thought and behaviour stalked by Google. An user types 'gay marriage' into their computer, Google opens or adds to the user's file, and Google tracks the person's lifetime thinking and behaviour. Gradually, Google constructs an authoritative profile of each user, linking their interest in 'gay marriage' to their Facebook account or gmails, cookies, gstatic, and finance sites looped via Google analytics or ghub.

In Australia before Google, imagine a teacher saying: 'Now children, I want you to go to that stalker by the school fence. I want you to give your name, your address and the information that you are searching for (gay marriage) to the stranger. The nice stranger will begin tracking your thoughts and behaviours for the rest of your life. Now come back inside and explore the information in the school library. Next time you have a question, first go to the school fence and have your thoughts or aspirations recorded by the stalker.'

Once grooming teachers were sacked - and the stalker at the school perimeter jailed. But since Australian teachers have learned to say 'Google' instead of 'search', most Australian children are raised in a US NSC or Maoist master-slave system that strives to match each child with their identity, location, thoughts and behaviours. In past secular schools, teachers who consorted with child predators were sacked. Now Australians reward gullible 'educators' for their damaging 'IT' skills.

By running most Australians' data activity through overseas corporate intel-gathering factories like Google and Facebook - and these factories making billions of dollars from their stalking - Australia has reverted to Charles Dickens' early 1800s when children were forced down mines and crawled amongst deadly machinery in the textile mills. Instead of Beadle Bumble clutching the neck of Oliver Twist, we have brainwashed 'teachers' who say, 'Eyes down kids! Eyes down and Google!' - Oh, yes. Watch those little feet run the market-data treadmill!

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