If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth (JA)

How scared of ideas do you have to be before you start imprisoning writers? (NM)

CONSORTIUM NEWS - top news site. Not run by presstitutes.

PUBLIC POLICY - Top Australian news analysis site 'Pearls and Irritations'.

ABC - Australian news, but its world news is war propaganda controlled by US State.

WSWS - top world news, focuses on corrupt managment and war criminals.

GRAYZONE - top world news, top US journalism.

WORLD ANALYST - top US world news analyst, Bertrand 'b'.

Modern History on free TV.

INDICTER - the BBC is controlled by presstitutes. Presstitutes manufacture your consent to war crimes. Presstitutes are camp followers of war criminals and their voter-audiences who, since 1945, drain economies to invade, murder and ruin peoples they despise.

JUSTICE - for news analyst Craig Murray, jailed for honestly covering AUKUS political show trials. His top UK news analysis site 'Craig Murray' is below in photos.

ASIA TIMES - solid neoliberal journalism from Biden's military-industrial invasion of Asia.

SHADOWPROOF - US on US injustices.

US SECURITY - the elite above the law.

TOP JOURNALISM - "Journalists have abandoned any pretence that they do real journalism."

Gabriel Stella FreeAustralia

Glen Greenwald CHINA MindBody

Amnesty NEWS TAS Indonesia

Water Life Sphere Nature Mental Health

WarExplained BobBrown TomDispatch

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Free: John Pilger's 80 prime time films from 1970 to today show REAL WORLD POWER as it happens:

2021: US UK AU war criminals and their voters have inflicted brain damage on Australia's greatest thinker. He cannot write a letter. Says the Assange family:

"We had planned to read a letter to you from Julian. Unfortunately, the years of what the U.N. has found to be psychological or no-touch torture have taken their toll on my brother. Julian suggested we read you "A Call To Cryptographic Arms"

... which predicted today's gestapo state in 2012, before Julian's American brain damage.