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Dr Robert S Watson

The quality of once 'serious' news sites has been ruined by editors becoming mouthpieces for armed force rather than knowledge, especially when they censor national insecurity or international conflict stories.

In 2002 and 2003, tabloid media war criminals hoodwinked readers and campaigned for the horrific Iraq invasion. The media of major war criminals are not linked to.

Historians explore the lives of people, their thinking and actions. When people are infants, when they are incapacitated or when they age into infirmity - at such stages in everyone's life - people become dependent on others' help. The politics of any friendly person is to help people in these stages of life.

When people grow to physical and social maturity, at this stage of life people can and should be free to take responsibility for their actions, be free to associate, travel, communicate, discuss issues, make agreements, form a household, cooperate with other skilful colleagues, possess tools and capital for conducting business, and share the burden of helping people in dependent stages of life.

Whether mature and responsible or dependent, all people have rights to privacy, rights to highly open, accountable government and rights to honest friendly media.

Seeing all people pass through stages of both dependency and mature responsibility over a lifetime, it is foolish to suggest that everyone should be subject to a politics that treats everyone as dependent on authority.

Likewise a politics that treats everyone as a free and capable individual all the time is foolish.

The former makes slaves of mature people; the latter politics makes slaves of children, the incapacitated and the infirm. This is why people who talk of a 'right wing' solution or a 'left wing' solution for everyone make slaves of one group or the other, and make slaves of everyone over a lifetime.

I refer to this changing political situation of all people over a lifetime as their 'responsibility curve'.

The challenges we all face today are "healthy nature" and "friendly relations".

By healthy nature, I mean personal health, public health (war is a public health issue), medical knowledge, poisoned ecosystems and climate catastrophe. By friendly relations I mean people comfortable with themselves, friendly relations in families, workplaces, business, society, governance, media and international relations, and how we achieve this today.

Investigative journalists who uncover unhealthy nature and unfriendly relations are now very rare. Many investigative journalists have been pushed out of the mainstream press by editors who truck with armed force rather than knowledge.

Sadly for someone like myself who grew up with a strand of serious investigative media in Australia, investigative stories and serious analysis now more likely to be found at RT, The Intercept, Craig Murray, JimmysLlama, Mother Jones, and WSWS.

Given my views on the terms "left wing" and "right wing", I tend to ignore these polemics and look instead for how people's thinking and action considers both dependent and freely responsible people's life stages and how their interactions improve healthy nature and friendly relations.

For reasons given earlier, the following news sites are patchy in their reliability and wisdom. It is worth comparing a news story with the serious sites above and across the following websites: German World, China People's Daily, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Channel News Asia, ABC Australia, The Guardian, French Press Agency, US Military-Industrial Strategy, New Zealand Radio, The Register digital technology.

Since 1953, London and Washington have bullied Iran, and so a fair minded reader would also look at Iranian news. China Taiwan is also a voice rarely heard. Here is Medicine's Front Line. Plus news in Tasmania and Australian experts et al.

There are also articles (some written at a high school level) on Plague, World War Two, Modern Art, Tasmanian corporate destruction, and Washington's 1945 invasion of Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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