On 16 August 2013 Oklahoma driveby gangsters murdered Australian
athlete and student Christopher Lane while he was out jogging.

Teen gansters shot Lane in the back for amusement. They did not know him.

Wikipedia users created a page "Death of Christopher Lane" to explore this
heinous international incident.

The page quoted Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer:

"People thinking of going to the U.S.A. for business or tourist trips should think
carefully about it, given the statistical fact you are 15 times more likely to be shot
dead in the U.S.A. than in Australia, per capita."

Immediately, a Wikipedia editor/censor called Northamerica1000 tagged the
"Death of Christopher Lane" article for DELETION.

Little discussion followed. Pro-gun censors said the article was trivial
and did not meet criteria. Other editors said its deletion was disingenuous
because Lane's death was making weeks of news headlines in cultures that
protect their citizens from gun violence.
Lane's death was an ongoing
historic discourse around the world, including in the US.

But Northamerica1000's call for DELETION was quickly executed.

After deletion, searches for "Death of Christopher Lane" returned a Wikipedia
statement: 'The page does not exist.'

Lane's historic discourse was banned from Wikipedia while another 'Christopher
Lane' US site flourished. It called for more political censorship and more gun culture:

"This... is not the time or place for the politicos to use it as a battle cry to limit
Americans' [gun] rights under the second amendment to our great Constitution.
Let's just keep focus on what a wonderful man Mr. Lane was..."

Besides deleting the 2013 "Death of Christopher Lane" article, Wikipedia falsifiers
also hacked Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer's page. Clicking "Christopher
Lane" on Fischer's hacked page sent students to Wikipedia's decoy article (about an
unrelated Colorado resident).

Within a few days of the international murder and its Death of Christopher Lane
page, Wikipedia replaced truth with America's crooked IngSoc Party version of 'history'.

Wikipedia has since removed its Colorado cutout. Now it links civil luminary Tim Fischer's
page to the NRA!

Soon after the Christopher Lane falsification, Jimmy Wales asked for my regular donation.

I replied. I stopped my donations.
I refuse to fund his violent predators.
I refuse to fund deceivers of future generations.